Parco Natura Viva Zoo-Park

Loc. Figara, 40 - 37012 Bussolengo (VR)

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The demanding role that Parco Natura Viva of Bussolengo (VR) took on as protection center for animal species at risk of extinction is both ambitious and stimulating. Today, the institutional functions of a modern zoological garden include the preservation of every aspect of biodiversity, and can be summarized by three fundamental activities: • Conservation of endangered species • Research • Nature educazion These are the instruments we can use to implement and promote projects for the conservation of animal species and their habitats worldwide. In the course of its history of over 35 years, our Park identified itself more and more as a place where people can be encouraged to support the cause of biodiversity conservation, intensifying its efforts to offer education and information programs on conservation and carry out in situ and ex situ research targeted at protecting animal populations and their ...
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